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The President

Thierry Willemarck was elected the new FIA Region I President on 15 May 2013. Mr Willemarck is a Belgian national who is also CEO of Touring Club Belgium (TCB). The election took place at the Plenary Assembly of the FIA Region I Spring Meeting which was held in Vienna on 13-17 May 2013. Thierry Willemarck was re-elected in Bruges on 18 May 2017.

The newly elected FIA Region I President Thierry Willemarck said “I look forward to maintaining and building on the work which has already been achieved to make FIA Region I an essential platform for international cooperation and the exchange of policy ideas, best business practices and research initiatives between our 108 Clubs”.

The President is elected by the Plenary Assembly for a term of 4 years. The President is ex officio Chairman of the Plenary Assembly and of the Management Council.

CV - Thierry Willemarck
Thierry Willemarck, CEO of Touring Club Belgium, started his career in the oil industry before becoming a CEO with responsibility for Europe and the European Marketing Strategy in this sector. In 2001 he joined Touring Club Belgium, and successfully helped to turn the Club into the fully autonomous and debt free company that it is today. Mr Willemarck has also been centrally involved in the setting up of the FIA University.




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