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Mobile Consumers at the Heart of Europe

Publication date: 02 March 2010

Mobility is fundamental to social, economic and environmental wellbeing. As such, FIA calls for more pragmatic and realistic understanding of citizens’ daily mobility challenges.  Fairer treatment of motorists and more appropriate investment in a tailored mobility infrastructure must be top priorities.

The Eurocouncil of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile warmly welcomes the new European Commission. FIA is Europe’s leading consumer mobility organisation. FIA European member automobile clubs, defend the interests of more than 35 million citizens.  

Ever cleaner, safer and sustainable mobility that is affordable remains the leitmotiv driving FIA’s actions.  We are actively involved in developing policies aimed at improving mobility, consumer protection, vehicle and infrastructure safety and environmental protection.

In light of the Lisbon Treaty, FIA calls for placing mobile consumers at the heart of European policy making.

Mobile consumers must be confident, to reap the benefits of a vibrant and competitive internal market. They must be empowered with choice, quality, safety, information, fair treatment and respect of their rights and liberties.  

Unequivocal remedies for the road fatality and injury epidemic that persists on Europe’s highways must be targeted with political will and leadership given by the European Union’s very highest executives. Further enlargements and increasing road traffic will bring ever more challenges to managing safety on Europe’s roads.

A technological revolution in individual mobility is imminent.  Reduced dependency on oil, addressing key environmental challenges and improved energy efficiency will be the triggers. The Commission must foster this revolution by supporting sustained innovation that caters to users needs in a durable mobility framework.

Shaping our future mobility offers opportunities to create a people’s Europe. The Commission must embrace this crucial task by responding to citizens’ expectations.  FIA clubs with their wealth of consumer oriented expertise in mobility stand ready to help.

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