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Euro NCAP to Reward Advanced Safety Technologies

Publication date: 15 July 2010

Recent technological advancements have considerably broadened the automotive safety landscape. Features like Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Monitoring, Attention Assist and Autonomous Braking are increasingly offered as options by car makers on their newest models. However, with so many technologies entering the market, and with no independent advice on the safety benefit they offer, many consumers are left feeling confused.

Euro NCAP Advanced aims to provide car buyers with clear guidance about the safety benefits which these new technologies offer them and their families. The new reward system, complementing Euro NCAP’s existing star rating scheme, will recognize and reward manufacturers who promote those new safety technologies which have a scientifically proven safety benefit.  By rewarding technologies which may currently be fitted only on luxury models or as options, Euro NCAP will provide an incentive to manufacturers to accelerate the standard fitment of important safety equipment across their entire model ranges, bringing safety benefits to all.

Many of the technologies are so new that no accepted standards exist to assess them.  Euro NCAP has developed a unique methodology which allows the potential safety benefits of any new technology to be determined. Unlike Euro NCAP’s well established assessments involving physical tests at a crash laboratory, the new process is based entirely on the assessment of scientific evidence presented by the vehicle manufacturer. An independent panel of experts looks at the extent of the safety problem which a new technology aims to address.  Through a logical and rigorous analysis of the way in which the technology has been developed, tested and validated, and from any real-world experience that may exist, the system’s performance and its expected effectiveness can be determined.  Recognition of the potential benefit of these new technologies in no way undermines the importance of basic crash safety: cars are eligible for a Euro NCAP Advanced reward only if they have already achieved a creditable three star rating in the overall rating scheme.

Dr Michiel van Ratingen, Secretary General of Euro NCAP said “With these rewards Euro NCAP will add a new dimension to its mission. From now on consumers will be able to learn more about the benefits of advanced safety systems in their car and consult Euro NCAP for advice before deciding on purchase. Collectively we can make another step forward in effectively reducing traffic fatalities and injuries on European roads.”   

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