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Report of the Czech Presidency about transport

Publication date: 30 June 2009

Report of the Czech Presidency on Transports

Transport is the backbone of the economy and influences the quality of the environment. The Czech Presidency has made a significant contribution to the development of all forms of transport in the EU.

In the field of air transport it negotiated new measures that shorten flight time in European air space and lower fuel consumption as well as carbon dioxide emissions. New rules eliminate the fragmentation of air traffic control and integrate the technology. At the same time, it has strengthened the authority of the European Aviation Safety Agency. The Presidency has also finalised the revision of the Regulation for the allocation of slots at airports, which reduces the impact of the economic recession on carriers.

In the area of road transport, the Czech Presidency has simplified the rules for haulage companies, making it easier for them to provide haulage services in EU states other than those in which they are registered. These measures reduce the administrative burden on European hauliers. In the area of rail transport, the Presidency achieved consensus among Member States on new European rail corridors, thereby helping to shift freight transport from congested roads to the railways.


Agreement on conclusions regarding further progress with the Trans-European transport networks policy Council conclusions regarding the future strategy for maritime transport policy Agreement with the European Parliament on two legislative proposals and a review in the area of air transport Council conclusions on an amended Marco Polo II Regulation Political agreement at the transport Ministers Council on 11 June concerning the Regulation on a European rail network.



Download the full report of the Results from the Czech Presidency:

 2009-06-ResultsCZPresidency.doc (393 KB)



Source: Czech Presidency

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