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Parliament's Vote on proposed Type Approval Directive

Publication date: 11 February 2004

Today, the new directive on rear-view mirrors and supplementary indirect vision systems for motor vehicles (2003/97/EC) has been published in the Official Journal.

report_final_gargani_type_approval.pdf (223 KB)

com2003_418_type_approval.pdf (309 KB)


The new rear view mirrors should start to be seen on new models of passenger cars, lorries and buses from 2005 onwards with a gradual phasing in of obligations up to 2010.
The European Parliament adopted a resolution drafted by Giuseppe GARGANI, on the proposed Type Approval Directive (COM(2003 0418 - COD(2003) 0153), making some amendments to the Commission's proposal (please see news item dated 22 January 2004).


In addition:
- Parliament added definitions of  "non-road mobile machinery" and "independent operator";
- it deleted the provision regarding an additional statement to the certificate of conformity for vehicles approved in accordance with Article 26 in the case of an end-of-series waiver;
- at the request of the manufacturer or purchaser of the vehicle, Member States may allow individual approval for a vehicle complying with the provisions of the Directive and the UN/ECE directives or regulations listed in the Annexes;
- a manufacturer must inform the approval authority that granted the vehicle approval if recalling a vehicle with serious deficiencies in terms of the life expectancy or proper operation of parts;
- the manufacturer must make available to independent operators any technical information required for the repair and maintenance of motor vehicles unless that information is covered by an intellectual property right or constitutes secret know-how. In such a case the information must not be withheld in an improper manner.


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