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New provisions on recycling for motor vehicles from 2008

Publication date: 11 March 2004

The Commission published today a draft Directive (COM(2004) 162 - COD(2004) 0053) which lays down the necessary provisions to ensure that new passenger cars and light-duty trucks up to 3,5 tonnes are designed to comply with required minimum rates with respect to their ‘re-usability’, ‘recyclability’ and ‘recoverability’. These provisions  will apply to all new vehicles placed on the market three years after the adoption of this new Directive, which means they are expected to come into effect in 2008. The provisions will be included in the Community type-approval system. In respect of passenger cars, they will be part of the whole vehicle type-approval procedure, which is compulsory for all new passenger cars.

com2004_162.pdf (133 KB)


The relevant minimum thresholds have been set out in Directive 2000/53/EC on end-of-life vehicles. Pursuant to Article 7(4), appropriate provisions should be laid down to ensure that type-approved vehicles belonging to category M1, and those belonging to category N1, may be put on the market only if they are reusable and/or recyclable to a minimum of 85 % by mass and are re-usable and/or recoverable to a minimum of 95 % by mass.

2000_53_ec_endof_life_vehicles.pdf (135 KB)

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