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Effective measures for an effective traffic noise reduction

Publication date: 28 April 2009

The ERF – IRF BPC claims that infrastructure solutions exist but regular impact assessment would drastically improve their effectiveness.

In accordance with the requirement laid down by the EU’s 2002 Environmental Noise Directive (END), the 27 MS must produce noise maps and noise reduction action plans that target the different modes of transport (road, rail, aviation etc.). The European Union Road Federation (ERF), the Brussels Programme Centre of the International Road Federation (IRF), proposes to significantly enhance the impact of these initiatives by assessing the road traffic noise reducing measures undertaken within the END framework.

While the road community is aware of the impact of its activities, it believes that road sector should not be unfairly singled out, as was done for example, in a recent press release entitled "Road traffic noise increases risk of heart attack"(1). The reduction of noise pollution requires concrete efforts from all transport sectors and the road sector is strongly committed to this cause.

In particular, the road infrastructure sector would like to propose a wide range of solutions that can be implemented within the framework of the END’s national action plans. However, the ERF – IRF BPC fears that the MS are turning towards the cheapest and not the most cost-effective solution, thus proposing measures which are either ineffective or have a limited impact.

The ERF – IRF BPC urges the EU and/or the MS to devise a method to assess the real effect of the measures implemented within the END framework. The lack of quality control checks at early and subsequent key phases of the process will most likely lead to expensive corrective actions at a later stage.

The ERF – IRF BPC position may be consulted online at

ERF Press Release noise (153.3 KB)

Source: ERF

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