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Dutch Presidency Priorities: Clean, silent & economical cars

Publication date: 07 July 2004

To further the quest for quieter, cleaner and more economical cars, the Dutch presidency ( will put the issue of sustainable mobility on the EU agenda.


According to State Secretary Van Geel (Environment), attention will focus on promoting clean cars through stricter European standards regarding fine particle dust and nitrous oxides, and stimulating the use of soot filters. To limit the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted by traffic the Dutch Presidency seeks to equip all new cars in the European Union with fuel-saving aids such as cruise control and on-board computers. Van Geel also desires covenants to be signed with the automobile industry to reduce the CO2 emissions of cars and commercial vehicles by 36%. Lastly, the Dutch Presidency wants vehicle traffic to become more silent by tightening the European noise standards for vehicles and tyres.

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