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Consultation: Competitiveness of the EU Car Industry

Publication date: 28 February 2005

The Commission has launched a stakeholder consultation in the framework of its initiative to boost the competitiveness of the European car industry. All interested parties are invited to provide their views on the most appropriate regulatory framework which is conducive to the long-term competitiveness of the European automotive sector.



On 13 January the Commission announced the setting up of a high-level group called “CARS 21” consisting of prominent representatives of Member States, the European Parliament, industry, trade unions, NGOs, users and the Commission. Its objective is to generate recommendations to improve the worldwide competitiveness of the European automotive industry.

cars21.pdf (142 KB)


In order to enable the CARS 21 group to conduct its work on the basis of as wide a consultation as possible, the Commission invites all interested parties to provide input for the work of the group. The main objective is to define a strategy to improve the policy framework affecting this sector in a comprehensive way. Therefore it is of particular interest to this exercise to learn about the stakeholders’ views on the interaction between different policies, and how to bring them forward in a way that maximizes the benefits for both economic operators and the European society as a whole.


This consultation will run until 15 April 2005. It will be followed by a hearing of senior-level industry and civil society representatives on 26 April 2005.


The results of this consultation and the hearing will be fed into the debate of the CARS 21 High Level Group. The Group will have its kick-off meeting on 11 April, and further meetings are planned in July, November and December.


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