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Commission to launch Road Safety Charter on 29 January 2004

Publication date: 16 January 2004

On 29 January 2004, the European Commission will launch the road safety charter, a declaration of principles to encourage civil society, national and local authorities to actively participate in the endeavour to reach the target of halving the number of road deaths by 2010, as set out in the Commission's White Paper on Transport Policy.


The European Road Safety Charter consists basically of 11 paragraphs. Whereas the first 10 have a declaratory character outlining a rather general attitude towards a higher importance of road safety issues, the 11th is blank. Signatories of the Charter are requested to fill in a voluntary concrete commitment under this paragraph which
- can contribute directly or indirectly to achieve the common target,
- lies within the signatories’ sphere of responsibility,
- is achievable, measurable and can be monitored,
- goes beyond the legal requirements.


The launch of the European Road Safety Charter initiative will take place in an event chaired by Vice-President of the European Commission Loyola de Palacio, and it will be attended by Seamus Brennan, Minister for Transport of the current European Presidency, Ireland, and Ari Vatanen MEP. A conference on the Charter including an official signatory event should be held in April 2004 in the context of the world road safety week.

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