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Commission consults on motor insurance issues

Publication date: 16 June 2005

The European Commission has launched a public online consultation on two issues related to motor insurance - public awareness of national compensation bodies and their effectiveness in settling claims, and problems getting insurance coverage for trailers. Replies will be taken into account in a forthcoming Commission report to the European Parliament and Council. The consultation is open until 15 July 2005 and available at:


One of the aims of the Fourth Motor Insurance Directive (Directive 2000/26/EC) is to enable ‘visiting victims’ (people who have been injured or suffered damages outside their Member State of residence) to get faster compensation in their Member State of residence by contacting where necessary a compensation body, which the Directive (under Article 6) requires each Member State to set up. The injured party can apply to the compensation body when an insurer has not replied to a claim within three months or when an insurer has failed to appoint a claims representative in the victim’s Member State of residence. The Commission is examining the effectiveness of these bodies.


During the preparation of the Fifth Motor Insurance Directive, the European Parliament raised some questions related to the insurance of trailers. The Commission agreed to examine these questions and they are also included in the consultation.


The Commission has already consulted Member States and the insurance industry. Now, it is asking European citizens and all interested parties - such as private companies, associations, NGO’s and academics - to give their opinion.


A summary of results will appear on the same website after the close of the consultation. All replies will be taken into account in preparation of a report, which will be presented to the European Parliament and Council.


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