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Commission Consultation on ICT for Mobility

Publication date: 18 July 2006

In spring 2006 five workshops each focusing on a specific area were arranged with selected academic and industrial experts, both from public and private sector. The workshops’ results were consolidated in a further meeting on 31 May 2006 together with the rapporteurs of the former five workshops.


Based on these discussions, the eSafety working group RTD has prepared a document with the consolidated views, called “Stakeholders’ contribution to the formation of the FP7 work programme on ICT for Mobility”.

fp7_ict_stakeholders_input.pdf (253 KB)


This document is now made available for public consultation. Interested parties are to invited to study the document and give comments and suggestions to


Contributions will be collected until end of August 2006 and fed into the further consultation process. On 26 September 2006, an Information Day on ICT for Mobility in the 7th Framework Programme will be held in Brussels. Further details will be published after the summer break early in September.


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