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Commission Action Plan: Bringing eCall back on track

Publication date: 23 November 2006

The Commission published today its 3rd eSafety Communication (COM(2006) 723).

com2006_723_ecall.pdf (197 KB)


In the framework of the Intelligent Car Initiative (COM(2006) 59), the industry and the public sector have worked together on a deployment plan that aims at full deployment of eCall from 2009 onwards. This plan is, however, not on track.

com2006_59_intelligent_car.pdf (164 KB)


Due to the long lead times in product development, and due to the associated costs, the automotive industry need certainty on the implementation of the necessary infrastructure in the Member States before entering the production phase of the eCall equipment in the vehicles7. Similarly, the Member States' commitment is needed by other players, most notably the telecommunications industry (Mobile Network Operators). Nevertheless, the slow progress shown by some Member States -especially the large ones- who are crucial for keeping industry committed has endangered the realisation of the already agreed deployment plan.


The purpose of the Commission Communication is to present, on the basis of the achieved progress, the measures that are necessary for solving the current deadlock and for bringing eCall back on track. Two parallel lines of actions are proposed:
- Commitment of the Member States by mid-2007, and
- a negotiated agreement with the industry by the end of 2007.


In addition the Commission will carry out a set of actions to facilitate the eCall deployment.

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