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Analysis of the 'Green Paper on Energy Efficiency' Debate

Publication date: 29 May 2006

The “Green Paper on Energy Efficiency, Doing More with Less”  (COM(2005) 265 final) published on 22 June 2005, opened a public consultation posing 25 questions to all interested parties in order to facilitate the evaluation of their opinions regarding energy efficiency and to give guidance for the outline of the Action Plan on Energy Efficiency. The period for replying to the public consultation ended on 31 March 2006.

com2005_265_green_paper_energy.pdf (196 KB)


The Commission services received a total of 241 contributions to the debate: 31 from NGOs, 66 from Member States and public Bodies, 106 from industry and private sector and 38 from private citizens. A list of the contributors can be found here.

sec2006_693_annex.pdf (271 KB)


The Commission has now published an analysis (SEC(2006) 693) and Annex) of the Debate on the Green Paper on Energy Efficiency, including the recommendations made in the report of the European Parliament as well as the results of public events in which Commission services participated. This document is an objective analysis which reflects only the opinions of the contributors to the debate, and not necessarily the opinion of the Commission Services.

sec2006_693_energy_efficiency.pdf (97 KB)

sec2006_693_annex.pdf (271 KB)


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