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ADAC prepares more than one million people for traffic

Publication date: 15 April 2008

Events in schools multiply considerably


ADAC the biggest German Motoring club founded in 1903 has over fifteen million members and is still expanding. Over the last year the ADAC consolidated its leading position in road safety in Germany. More than one million people participated in 2007 in one of the 26000 events organised all over the country. The number of people taking part in programmes implemented on federal level grew by 3% and the number of people attending events of the regional ADAC clubs grew by 37% in comparison with 2006.


The most participants were counted at the youth cycling tournaments. Almost 359 000 children between 8 and 15 were trained during 5 824 events. Furthermore they learned how to use their bicycles in a safe way. The participation rate of the action “Attention/Hello Car” increased by 9%. 179 000 Students could find out first hand in 7 629 events how long it takes for a car to brake. More than 94 000 people (3% more than last year) were explained how to secure children in a car at the programme “Safe in the Car”.


By looking at the fast growing number of events organised in schools it becomes clear that the school is more and more the place for educational road safety activities. This is how the ADAC regional clubs increased the number of events by 137 % compared to 2006 and reached a total of 3 005 events. The participation rate grew by 81% to reach the number of 136 557.


ADAC received support from Opel, Toyota, Michelin and the Deutsche Post. About 1750 specially trained moderators, tournament co-ordinatiors as well as several thousand honorary helpers contributed to the implementation of the programmes.


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