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Electric Vehicles at Crossroads

Time and place

Date:  18 February 2010 - 19 February 2010
Time:  9-16h
Place:  Brussels
Hotel Renaissance


No program


09:30 Registration and Morning Refreshments  

10:15            Chair’s Welcome and Introduction               

Mr. Wil Botman, Director General - Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile FIA (confirmed)


10:30 Panel Session One: 

Electrification of Transport – The Call for an Integrated and Evolutionary Approach


Ms. Nusa Urbancic - Policy Officer, Energy Transformation and Renewables in Transport, Transport and Environment (confirmed)

Mr. Nick Ford - Senior Automotive Consultant, Frost and Sullivan (confirmed)

  • Introducing Sustainable Solutions for Mobility and Transport Systems in Europe
  • Overcoming Barriers in EV Development – Energy Storage, Infrastructure and Cost
  • Electric Vehicle R&D in short, medium and long term – A Perspective
  • Life-Cycle Analysis of EVs – Technology Pathways, Carbon Footprints and Efficiency
  • Impact of EVs on the Power Supplies, Capacity and Grid Management
  • Adaptation of the Automotive Industry – Overcoming Negative Legacy Effects
  • The Effects of The Recession on Development and Technology Investment
  • Where is Europe Staying in the Technological Evolution? – A Future Perspective and Analysis on the Global EV Market

11:20            Morning Refreshments


11:50            Open Floor Discussion & Debate with Panel Session One


12:30            Networking Lunch


13:30          Panel Session Two:

Optimising Current Stakeholder’s Constellation in Introducing EV Technology


Mr. Frederic Sgarbi - Head of Unite Sustainable Surface Transport (confirmed)

Mr. Rolf Stromberger - Director Environment and Economics, European Automobile Manufacturer’ Association (confirmed)

Mr. Helmut Morsi - Deputy Head of Unite, International Transport Relations & Trans-European Transport Network Policy (confirmed)                                  

  • Identifying Opportunities for the EU to Become a World Leader in Electric Vehicles
  • Applying Lessons Learned from the Past 10 Years of EU Initiatives
  • European Commission’s role – On a Quest for Creating Sustainable Investment Environment in Europe
    • Introducing Concrete Initiatives at EU Level – Standardisation, Infrastructure and Type Approvals
  • Existing Member States’ Initiatives and Investment Plans in Putting Electric Vehicles on the Road
    • Preventing Destabilising Regulation and Creating Homogeneity in Policy
  • Measuring the CO2 Rating of Electric Vehicles, “Supercredits” and Tightening CO2 Standards
  • Future Electric Vehicle Initiatives and Law Making at Regional and National Levels
  • Role of the Cities in Effective Investment – Current Developments and Initiatives
    • The Role of the Public Sector in Helping Industry – Obtaining Critical Mass and Improving Market Acceptance
  • Lessons Learned from the Green Car Initiative – A Future Perspective


14:30            Short Break

14:40 Delegate Reflection and Discussion


15:40 Chair’s Summary and Closing Comments


15:45            Networking Drinks Reception


15:45            End of Conference


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